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About us


From a small family business in precious stone cutting to a major global supplier of precious stones, Nigaam creates stunning fine jewelry that incorporates years of experience and world-class design. Evolving and transcending fashion to set the bar for refined jewelry, when you hold a Nigaam piece, you hold the whole world in your hands. Nigaam blends inspirations from East and West with both sophistication and an element of surprise. Nigaam’s state of the art in-house facility and master craftsmen ensure the ultimate in exotic luxury and quality in every phase of design and production.

GLOBAL Nigaam is a family owned business with roots in precious stone cutting. By the 1990’s the company had grown to be a major supplier of precious stones in the global market and opened an office in New York in 1996. In early 2000, its fine jewelry division was created. Nigaam takes a truly global approach to fine jewelry inspired by the best from each country and bringing it together in stunningly unique pieces. With such a deep understanding of the global market, the result is fine jewelry like no other. Only a company that knows the world can bring you world class designs that transcend fashion and make a global statement. You have the whole world in your hands when you hold a Nigaam piece.

EXOTIC A global perspective makes for exotic designs. Inspirations from East and West are brought together beautifully to create fine jewelry that fascinates. Nigaam Jewelry has style, sophistication and an element of surprise in its design. Each piece is an individual stand out. To wear Nigaam is to open yourself up to the exotic and take yourself away from the everyday with hints of far-off lands and adventure. Fine jewelry that fascinates.

LUXURY Nigaam prides itself on world-class craftsmanship, and global inspiration, which features specialties of various regions. A state of the art in-house facility brings this all together with master craftsman ensuring the ultimate in quality every step of the way. True luxury requires attention to detail. In Nigaam pieces, the details are extraordinary— making them a cut above. Nigaam Jewels—a cut above.